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Owen Frankland’s Report on the TDST 2015 Part 1
More Photos  will appear later.……….For Video Click hereVideo 

Up early for a quick coffee and breakfast biscuits before heading off to the start at Dobbies Garden World. Despite having a map and instructions we had trouble finding the place. 2015 TDST Oily 4The bright side was we found a reasonably priced filling station and topped up the tank. We arrived to find a car park full of MGs of all ages ranging from a 1934 PA to a 2010 TF. That’s according to the list of runners but I’m sure I saw an MG3 & an MG6 on the run.We signed on and enjoyed a substantial bacon butty & a cuppa before going back out to the car park, which was full of activity with people attaching rally plaques and having convivial conversations. We were soon flagged off and on our way to North Berwick by what must have been the least direct route possible. This of course was much more interesting than the direct route and we had a blast on some fine driving roads. We stopped along the way to take a few pictures of our fellow travellers. There is also some video of them. (Later – Webmaster) Peebles was about half way in our journey so we made a comfort stop and decided to have some lunch. Just as we parked I got something in my eye. Pam had a look but couldn’t see anything. It was driving me crazy and I could barely see out of that eye. We found a chemist but they wouldn’t even look at it, but sold us some eyewash and directed us to an optician. The eyewash didn’t help but the optician did find something and removed it. There was still some irritation there which steadily got worse. I stopped on the roadside and Pam had another look and removed what seemed to be half of Scotland from my eye. Just as well that she did or we could have been arrested at the border for trying to steal the country.2015 TDST Mag Oily 4 The second leg from Peebles to North Berwick was uneventful apart from in North Berwick itself where a navigational error had us going round in circles for a while, but we made it in the end. Check in at the hotel was chaotic as you would expect with 60 couples all turning up almost together, but we were soon in our room which was warm & comfortable with a great sea view. The evening meal was very tasty but, being a pie & chips man, it was a bit arty farty for my liking. Following the meal there was a quiz which our table won. Yipeee!! A couple of drinks and some chat wound up the night and it was time for bed. 114 miles on the clock today. As is normal with technology, I somehow lost quite a bit of today’s video, but I’ve made the best of what I had. The sound of three PAs pulling away from a junction is amazing. Owen Frankland  (aka Oily Hands) More to come (Webmaster)