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Loading Events

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2020 May Three Day Tour – POSTPONED

Alprazolam Online Cheap, Buy Cheap Xanax Bars

Due to the current and developing Corona virus (covid19) situation, the Caledonian Centre have taken the decision to POSTPONE this Event.
Please check later for updates.

Online Alprazolam Where To Order Xanax Online Forum Buy Cheap Xanax Overnight Xanax Bars Buy Online
Buy Xanax Thailand Xanax Cheapest Price
Today’s Date:
Order Xanax From Mexico

.Coronavirus (COVID-19)

.The Three Day Tour has been POSTPONED..

Xanax Online Uk

….Many well known Motor Sporting personalities have cut their sporting teeth on MG Car Club events. But what has, until recently, been a well kept secret is the connection of the late, great, Jim Clark to the Scottish Centre of the Club.
….In 2020, over the weekend of May 2nd to 4th, the Caledonian Centre will celebrate this connection as we follow the ‘Jim Clark Trail’!
….With two starting points, one at Greens Hotel in Gretna, the other at the Oven in at Clyde Valley, the event will be based at the 4-star Marine Hotel & Spa in North Berwick. The Saturday evening will be leisurely to enable you to catch up with, or perhaps make new friends. 
….The Sunday however will offer choices of staying and relaxing in North Berwick, or enjoying a run down to Lindisfarne or , as most are expected to do, following the ‘Jim Clark Trail’ in and around Jim’s home town of Duns to include a visit to the world class Jim Clark Centre.
….The evening will be Jim Clark /1960s themed with a Gala Dinner at which we will be joined by Doug Niven, a cousin of Jim Clark. And in the course of that evening two Scottish

 Centre trophies won previously by Jim Clark will be presented to Doug Niven for display at the museum. No matter whether you are a petrol head or not, you will not want to miss this Gala Dinner!

….The entry fee per car, to include two lunches, museum entry, wine on two nights, souvenir Route book and Rally Plate is £95 (£65 for single entries).
Hotel bookings are only available once you have received confirmation of your entry. The rates are Double Room £398 (two people sharing) and Single Room £330 for two nights dinner, bed and breakfast. 

There are two Starting Venues:
The Oven
Overton Farm, Rosebank, ML8 5QF
      Greens Hotel Glasgow Road, Gretna DG16 5FG

If your Name appears on the List below you have Registered.

India Xanax Buy


May 2 at 10:00 am
May 4 at 2:00 pm


Two Start Venues
- See Main Text Scotland United Kingdom


West – Nancy Crichton.
Bob MacGillivary