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Dear participants of the European Event 2020,
the corona pandemic ruled all spring and all MG events were canceled or postponed. Unfortunately,
the hope that normal conditions will be restored by summer has not yet been confirmed and it looks
as if this Covid 19 virus will accompany and occupy us for a while.
Of course, the organization team constantly monitored and assessed the situation. The facts in our
last online meeting were:
? Major events are prohibited until August 31
? To date, it is not defined whether we are one
? Even if not, the distances (at least 1.50 m) and hygiene regulations must be observed
? It is unclear whether all European borders will be open by August
? Are trips abroad possible without having to go into quarantine at home?
? If new hotspots arise, counties can curfew at short notice at any time
? Can the health of the participants be preserved under these conditions?
Any of these points each represent an unpredictable risk for our event and, of course, the
participants. We have therefore discussed the possibility of a postponement with our co-contractors
during the past few weeks and have decided to postpone the event by one year.
In the end, this was only possible after the MG Club of Portugal canceled its EEotY in May of next
year in favor of our event. We would like to thank the Portuguese MG friends for this, because they
too were in the middle of preparations for their 40th anniversary.
What happens now?
You would like to be there in 2021?
All registrations for the EEotY2020 remain valid! All participants who had a commitment for 2020
and paid the entry fee can participate in 2021 at the same price. A new registration is not necessary.
Hotels and accommodations
You have to rebook your hotel reservation yourself. Please read the following lines carefully:
a) Maritim Hotel
If you have booked the room in the Maritim Hotel from the contingent via the link we sent, please
contact with your booking number, first and last name
if you have booked by phone or email in the Maritim Hotel, please contact with the booking number, first and last name.
The staff will then cancel your reservation as requested.
b) Other hotels through tourist office
If you have booked via the link provided from the contingent through the tourist office, you can
cancel via email or directly at your hotel. Please be sure to state your first
name, last name and booking number.
c) Booking through portals
If you have booked via, Airbnb, hrs or other portals, please contact the provider
d) Other
Please remember to cancel all other bookings or reservations (e.g. ferry, flight or campsite).
Book hotels for 2021
As soon as the current quota for 2020 has been canceled, we will reserve a quota for 2021 again,
which can then be booked via a link as usual. We will send this link in about four weeks to the
participants by email again.
And at the very end:
You can’t attend the event in 2021?
We hope, of course, that all participants want to be there next year. But if you still have to cancel,
send us an email with your surname, first name, number, full address, IBAN, BIC and full bank
address. The entry fee will be reimbursed, bank charges will be beared by the recipient. Refunds can
only be made if the aforementioned information is complete! We try to fill the space with teams on
the waiting list. But you all want to be there, or not?
We now hope that in 2021 we can all celebrate a relaxed EEotY 2020.2 without any worries.
Stay healthy!
Your organisation team

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