How to Obtain Directions to the Start Point or an Event Venue.

Go to an Event Page.
Open the Venue map by clicking on the Venue/ Start point Button 
On the map Click the Caledonian Map Pin 
A panel will open on the left, in this panel click on the Directions Arrow  
The map will now open in Google Maps, enter your start point address or
postcode (your home or hotel).
Click on the Magnifying Glass   to find your address.
Google then shows the alternative routes that can be used, the shortest is in
blue and the others including Train, Bus and walking are in other colours. Click
on the Car Symbol at the top and only “by car” will be displayed.
You can then either print the route map or the written directions. If you know
how to get to within a striking distance you can Zoom in on the Venue by either
double clicking the map or click on the “+” zoom tool in the View Tool Bar
 ( This maybe Vertical)
You can now print the map showing the map at the “zoom” that you have selected.
To get written instructions Expand each “main point” in the list on the left or you
can select just one, your choice.
Print the map and selected instructions, if there is no “print” icon hold the
Control Key down (“Ctrl”) and press the letter “p”.

That is it, you can put the Road Atlas away and use these instructions.