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2020 Glamis Classic Show – CANCELLED

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Xanax Cheapest Price Order Xanax From Mexico
Today’s Date:

Xanax Online Uk

The Glamis Classic Show is on the  SUNDAY  12 July.

The Glamis show is still probably the biggest in Scotland with a full range of vehicles from cars to commercials and including bikes,stationery engines and much , much more.
..The SVVC club organise runs on the Saturday but the show itself is mainly on the Sunday.
..We will have our stand over both days , so you are welcome to attend on both. There are plenty of trade exhibits to view on Saturday. In fact the whole family will enjoy this event.


..We will have a theme over the weekend but any MG is welcome, old, new or in between!
..Our usual catering facilities will be on site including our refurbished CARBQ.


..The Caledonian Centre will cover the entry fee, so to you , entry is FREE!

If your Name appears in the List below you have Registered

India Xanax Buy


July 12
8:30 am To 5:00 pm


Glamis Castle
near Forfar, Scotland DD8 1RJ United Kingdom


Bob MacGillivary